Original Straws

A real treat with authentic wheat straws!

Wheat Straws – Each one has its own story.

Original straws follow a path of life based on the absolute harmony of nature. They are born from the sheaves, get shape and color from the wheat and end up back in the earth!

Each one is unique!

They are cut to the appropriate size and after being peeled and sterilized individually, they take their final form. They are 100% natural, do NOT contain gluten, are BPA free,  completely biodegradable and waterproof (can be reused).


Ideal for cold and hot drinks.


Available in three 20cm packages:

  • Cylinder 50 pcs
  • Box of 50 pcs
  • Box of 500 pcs
When was the last time you drank something really delicious with a nice color, great taste, distinct aroma and a "playful" name? You haven't drunk it yet! Coming soon … Cucumis the vegan version of the ultimate pleasure!

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Perfect weather for reading! Perfect season for Vigo Kombucha enriched with probiotics to give you health, energy and well-being. You haven't drunk it yet!

the project

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